How we started

Since the past century, Victor Parianos has begun his vision of creating fantastic classic flavors on the ouzo VICTOR and VICTOR that will stand out from everything else. So he started searching for the perfect ingredients in his place and made the perfect recipes. With his love and love he created the secret recipe for ouzo VICTOR using unique local ingredients in the right proportions giving him a soft flavor full of aromas of the Aegean and the green of Samos.
Its distillation is done even today in exactly the same way on a handmade bronze cauldron – which lasts for a long time because the slower you become the better the distillate we will have with the particular soft taste in the palate.
With the same devotion he managed to make the dark amber drink VICTOR, due to the unique sweet Muscat wine of Samos.

He managed to give a roundness and softness to this dark drink, such as the brandy with the Muscat wine of Samos, which he enjoyed and enjoyed to today’s great appreciation, so he married his recipe with the sweet wine and took off the taste of VICTOR.

Victor statement

We thrive in making brandy with special taste of muscat grapes, and of course ouzo.


Nowadays, manager of the company is Victor’s son, Vangelis Parianos, chemist. Having as a basic guideline its long tradition, Victor sa is always up to dated on modern facilities as well as the needs of the market. Our company has established a food safety management system that is in conformance with the principles of HAACP and the Food Management System Standards.


Although our facilities are very modern, we continue to produce Ouzo and Brandy the traditional way. Using old recipes of our family we produce high quality wines, spirits, liqueurs, aperitifs as well as pure spirit. Our products are leaders in the Dodecanese and you can find them in the biggest super markets of the country.

Private Label

If you are in the business you can have all and any of our products with your private label. Victor is the only Greek distillery that can provide the full catalogue with private label and can service the most demanding clients.